Saturday, July 3, 2010

all 5

(this photo doesnt show all 5, but i liked it for some reason)

...under one roof. 
magic to a mother of young adults who are spread all over the country at times.
magic to a mother who knows all are safe, tucked in bed, like when they were little and you had full control over where they were and where they slept for that matter.
my mother used to always tell me that this time was special, that one day i would miss putting them to bed under one roof. i listened, but could not comprehend what she was trying to tell me.
now i know. 
sometimes you just have to live it to get it.

and i have come to realize lately i am a fortunate woman.
have counted my blessings maybe a little too often lately.
have realized i am blessed beyond measure despite my trials.
that the Lord has given me all of my difficulties for a reason, and that it is my responsibility
to make them positive make something not so good, a blessing in disguise.

so that is my mission in turn it around.
and one day i will look Him in the eye 
and i will say,
"i turned it around"
and i am glad i did.

but i still will be glad when all 5 are under my roof.

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