Thursday, July 1, 2010

died and gone to fried food heaven

i may or may not have eaten chocolate dipped bacon yesterday at the del mar fair.

i may or may not have actually enjoyed watching bootleg lifted trucks go around a dirt obstacle course.
and i may or may not have enjoyed watching one of those bootleg trucks flip over and crash, broken glass and crushed steel everywhere, driver smashed underneath the rubble (he did exit unscathed), ...and i may or may not have i cheered for him when he crawled out of the wreckage. 
oh, and the monster trucks...liked them too.
maybe i should really move to riverside.
id fit right in.

and i may or may not have eaten deep fried avocados (the best ever...cant get them outta my mind...still fantasizing a little bit about those) and a cinnamon roll with the "works" ie: loads of cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts, witnessed others eat a pile of deep fried onions, mushrooms and artichokes, a chicken sandwich made with a krispy kreme donut as the bun, a gooey slice of cheese pizza and pretzels the size of dinner plates. seriously a food fest like i have never seen before in my life. i was really tempted to experience deep fried butter, deep fried pop tarts...or the kicker, deep fried twinkies (i dont think my kids even know what a twinkie is)...but such fun to experience something new. and dane even rode rides that i never thought he would enjoy (his face as he twirled around was priceless) and took part in the whole carnival shooting water game thing, winning a large sonic the hedgehog stuffed 
animal which i had to carry the rest of the afternoon. 

can we go again?

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