Sunday, April 18, 2010

xanax please

still hoping emma can make her wednesday flight, 
which was changed to that date because i was supposed 
to be touring london with a blessing in disguise, 
because she is one of the lucky ones who actually have a 
confirmed reservation. and luckily too, 
the byu folks decided not to kick all 40 or so girls out on the streets, 
so they do have a roof over their heads. 
so nice of them. 
bless their little hearts.
i guess all the frustrated, angry parents calling mr byu president in provo worked.

 there have been some little miracles along the say 
a little prayer her wednesday flight will not be tragically cancelled.
and a big make my heart feel good moment,
when i was chatting with chuck pinner on facebook...i asked him to say
a little prayer for her and he replied...
"already have".

apparently this same volcano, 
about a 100 years ago erupted and spewed volcanic ash for 2 years. 
maybe instead of a hotel, we should be looking into apartments, 
or better yet, maybe my little oc girl, with her two GIANT silver suitcases, stuffed with frilly,
brightly colored tops, designer jeans and hot pink headbands
can just bunk with some members of the local ward 
or stay at a youth hostel.
sounds so fun.



Claudine said...

other than the major mess it has caused with air traffic, that is one impressive sight.

Jack and Melissa said...

You don't need any words to go with this picture..truly amazing..just a little reminder that our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS in charge..thank heavens! Love you!