Saturday, April 24, 2010

home at last

on the curb at lax. apparently she had people following her around, asking is she
was ok lugging those big suitcases around. she does look like shes about
14, so i can understand their shock when told she was traveling alone.
what kind of mother would let her adolescent child travel abroad all by herself?

the welcome committee (who are home from school due to a teachers strike-long story...they went to seminary, then to mcdonalds for breakfast, then plunked themselves down in front of a tv for a day full of video gaming...such productive children i have), complete with left over pizza and carefully engineered banner secured with lots of blue tape and a stapler...

the laundry...and the horror of her telling me she only did laundry twice 
(apparently the washers "ruined" the clothes),
and NEVER washed her sheets...
she just giggled when i asked what color they were.
i never got an answer. 
maybe that was good.

the london treats, carefully packed in a carryon that weighed 2 tons.
no joke.
she thinks she is permanently lop-sided from carrying a shoulder bag for 4 months
how this little girl managed all of this cumbersome luggage, i will never know.

and all the loot. 
remember laura ashley in the eighties?  
cath kitson is the new laura ashley. 
very popular in london with those who are "in". 
so all you people out there who have april birthdays?
well...i just ruined the surprise.
or maybe you would like the boxer shorts with the tube map printed on them, 
or the big ben keychain.
i will let you choose.

and my favorite souvenir.
the hefty british mug that contributed to the enormous amount of weight in the carryon.
i collect mugs from everywhere i go, and now my children are bringing them back to me.
i have mugs from all over.
i like this represents the trip i missed.
even cried about it yesterday.
what a boob i am.

just glad to have her home.


Jack and Melissa said...

Awesome!!Welcome home happy to have you back in the States..& congrats to Mom for getting you home!!Wish you could all sleep for a you!
Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jack

J ~ G ~ E ~ A ~ A said...

So glad she's home safe! What a trip!

Lori said...

Taaaa daaaa.... Glad to see Emma's home and now you can get some sleep and have peace of mind. Whew! (And you're NOT a boob for crying about not being able to go.)