Thursday, April 15, 2010

were off...maybe not

to london town...


woke up to horrifying, terrible news on gma.
photos of a huge black cloud billowing into the sky,
potentially moments away from paralyzing all future flights to europe.
however, not affecting MY flight, of course.

got to the airport, driven beautifully by my partner in la la land, sister stucki...because i just could not
accept the harsh reality that this was somehow happening to me.
i swear, if she and i ever take a vacation together, it would be like the 3 stooges.
we would be lucky if we ever arrived where we needed to go.
see, were both a little ditzy.
call us traumatized dumb blondes.
sounds like a lot of fun, actually.
maybe that would make up for this huge debacle.

when we got to the ticket counter (sister stucki still in the vicinity of the airport),
my heart was seriously stuck in my throat.
then, we were promptly turned away by a nice united ticket agent.
"all airports closed indefinitely in europe"
right then and there i realized that my luck had indeed completely run out.
shock quietly crept into my soul.
then disbelief.

then this awful yearning for some bad food.
sweet potato fries.
apparently wood ranch does not open till 4, so el torito grill
had to do the trick.
and i even ate the tortillas (i know, first bad carb in like a month).
and the mexican special appetizer, and a big plate of fajitas.
and more tortillas.
and even more.

and why on earth did some random volcano in iceland decide to erupt
on the glorious day i plan a much anticipated trip to london.
that sounds too, like such an oxymoron.
fire and ice?
sounds like a tacky vegas show.

so here i sit, at home, in my kitchen,
my bags still packed and propped up
behind my chair.
dont think i have the courage to unpack them.

i am sulking big time.

and i think i just might die. 


Ingrid said...

I am so, so, so, sorry this happened. I am just watching the evening news and saw the footage of the airline debacle in the UK and Europe. But better to be sitting in your kitchen than going down in an airplane whose engine got fused due to volcanic ash and rock being sucked in. Any hope for a later departure?

Jack and Melissa said...

I don't know why but the hymn "Onward Christian soldiers" has been on replay in my head since yesterday..maybe you could have Dane play it on the piano while you & Hunter SCREAM that song through the house. And I say ditto to Ingrid's comments..stay away from planes & volcanoes today!
Wishing you a speedy recovery from this bizzare & UNCONTROLABLE you always & forever, Melissa