Wednesday, April 14, 2010

last minute madness

emma celebrating the day hers arrived...say a little prayer for hunter

nothing like leaving things till the last minute. 
hunters passport "should" arrive today via fed ex. 
we leave tomorrow at 8am. 
i swear im going to die from all of the stress...

knock on the door...
there is a God.


Tera said...

HE HE HE - I totally know how you feel. Last year when we went on our first cruise to Mexico we realized about 4 days before we were leaving that Sean didn't have a copy of his birth certificate. Since he was born in Texas we couldn't really jump in a car and drive to the county offices to pick one up. We called his parents, who luckily had a copy, and they fed-exed it to Murrieta. We got it the morning we were leaving on the ship. Yikes - nothing like waiting until the last minute (but then again, that's pretty much how I do things). Have fun!

Jack and Melissa said...

COOOLL!! You're on a roll..have a super fantastic time..& be safe!
Love you! Melissa