Friday, April 9, 2010

mapquest vs

so i wanted to check the weather for our trip to london. 
simple enough.
typed in the appropriate website and started plugging the 
 information into the little rectangle boxes.
a first grader can do this.
it wasnt working, 
so i saw a little box that asked if this
request was for europe. i clicked the box, and kept waiting
for this website to retrieve my weather information.
for some reason it still wasnt working.

because i was on mapquest.

i think i am officially losing my mind.


Jack and Melissa said...

Happy to hear that you are normal!! Last week I almost put toothpaste in my hair thinking it was my mousse! You are on brain overload but as long as you get on the right plane next week it will all turn out great. lol Melissa
P.S. You might try going to your hotel's website..they should have a daily weather report..good luck!

In The Doghouse said...

Doesn't Emma have the most reliable weather information you could get?

BTW... have you been getting my comments?

shawna said...

i post everything i get...have you sent more? my comments moderation is empty...and yes, emma is reliable, however she keeps telling me it is so cold, and i look on and it's like 55-60 degrees...that's pretty nice, however if it's 55 and raining, that might be a little chilly.

Chris said...

London! How much fun will that be. Who's going? I'm sure Emma can hardly wait to see you. I wan to hear all about it.