Thursday, April 22, 2010

i lied

yes, i said i loved virgin airlines.
well, i lied.
now i love british airways.
i am telling you, this emotional roller coaster has got to end.
i am going to die from a stress induced panic attack.

so all of a sudden i get an "urgent" email early this morning...saying the virgin flight has been cancelled.
i just confirmed it by waiting on hold for literally an hour yesterday,
with yet another woman who told me in her foreign accent that everything was a-ok.
so when you wonder what i do all day...
maybe i am living the care free life shopping or lounging by the pool eating bon bons...
i am on hold with some airline that hires people who dont speak english.
im sorry, i am not biased at all, dont have any hang ups with others
who are different.
really. i love everyone.
actually love the diversity all around me, but excuse me mr airline president,
when you hire folks to take down very important information, make critical flight arrangements, and take
your credit card information from you, who are responsible for transactions which cost 
literally thousands, and if all added up, billions of dollars, 
i would hire someone
am i the only one who thinks this is a no brainer?

i swear, i was so polite on the phone this morning with this nice gentleman
from india or somewhere...i must have told him thank you a hundred times
for securing yet another flight (were going for a record here) for my long
lost daughter stranded in london,
i had to ask him also a hundred times to repeat what he was saying.

so enough of my rant, because my posts lately have been very negative and whiny.
i dont think i am a negative or whiny person, however after all of this, maybe i am.
or maybe i just have terrible luck.

will the bad luck fairies please leave?

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Joan said...

You have every right to go want your baby home.