Thursday, April 8, 2010

im a wimp, for sure.

you know, im not an animal activist by any means.
my heart does ache, however if i hear of any animal abuse whatsoever.
cant watch any movie or tv show where animals are harmed or in danger.
those slaughterhouse videos, i have nightmares over.
and the fact that toby is the product of a puppy mill makes me angry.
i have told myself over and over, that buying him, probably saved him.
if i hadnt come, and rescued this gangly half grown puppy when i did (he was even half price),
hed be stuck in a dirty cage and used as an abandoned, used stud dog.
similar to his own father, an un-socialized wreck of a weimaraner, 
banished to an outdoor, lonely prison.
now i am depressed.

call me a wimp.

so i read an article in the paper today.
still chickens are being crammed into tiny cages,
expected to lay a certain amount of eggs.
i understand chickens arent that smart...
but they still deserve a little respect.
after all they are Gods creatures, masterfully designed
to provide a nutritional little gem packed with 
loads of valuable protein. 
a wonder in itself.

so i challenge you to buy cage free eggs.
maybe if enough people get on board, we
can save even a humble few, miraculous
creations of a very all knowing God.


J Cubed said...

Um - it's chicken period. Who was the first one to think - hey - lets fry that up - it looks pretty tasty! Just sayin'!!

Chris said...

Truck loads of these chicken go through our little town every day. It's mind boggeling. You see them hanging out of their cages. You can't help but fell sorry for the little critters.

guitargirl said...

Baha. We own like 6 chickens and their coop is almost the size my room. :P