Saturday, August 7, 2010

thats my name

"momma j!"
 was called out to me with enthusiasm in the parking lot of heritage halls this morning.
made my heart sing, when carson yelled it out from across the street.

i was greeted with long hearty hugs from 4 big kids who had a great week at efy.
big smiles, lots of dirty laundry and laughter in the car as we ventured
to kneaders for all you can eat french toast.
a perfect end to an eventful week in p town.
they were so happy to finally get good food...apparently lots of 
macaroni and cheese and jello this week in mormonland.
typical latter day saint fare.
its no wonder freshman at byu gain like a million pounds.
and have you noticed there are bread stores everywhere in provo?
i am definitely in bread heaven...however will have to get back on a diet when i return home.
at least i still fit into my far.
knock on wood.

and as we were driving to the airport...a billboard for "", 
(you know, utah the capital of billboards) 
a company who manufactures bathtubs i guess, shows up on the freeway. 
the kids all took notice and started laughing.
"what the heck?"
then max says..."just make sure you dont hit google images for that one"
the car erupted in laughter.
max, the funniest kid alive.
never a dull moment with these 4 in the car.
wouldnt trade them for anything.

then these boys fell asleep about 5 minutes before we arrived at the airport. 
and sorry april, i transported your priceless child without a seatbelt. 
we did arrive safely though.
it was either leave a couple of suitcases behind or put max in the middle of the captains seats.
i promise i would have grabbed him before he hit the windshield, had we had an accident.
would do anything for that boy.

forgive me.
and see you on monday!

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