Sunday, August 22, 2010

friends forever

my friend, leigh and i will be friends forever.
we coined that phrase for us years ago.
i have known her for about 20 years now.
we "get" each other.

i have come to realize that there are people who you click with and those you dont.
and isnt it funny how you usually know this right off the bat.
i have encountered people i cant stand, could take or leave...and others i cant get enough of.
i guess thats the way its supposed to be.
i can count many (and i am very fortunate i have a large friendship circle), 
who i connect with deeply, those who i share a special bond with. 
those who i consider soulmates and true bluers.
so thank you to all of you out there for being my friend...and you know who you are.

 this is andrew, danes forever friend.
they have been friends since kindergarten,
have endured andrew moving away,
and changing schools.
they never fight but speak their mind.
they are kind and considerate of each other.
they share the same interests.
their friendship has endured the test of time.
the way true friendship should be.
and i am glad.

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