Monday, August 30, 2010

the anti blog

so i am not in the mood to post much about anything.
not even the mundane.
or the routine.
but i caught myself in the quiet of the evening,
counting my blessings.
for the many things i possess.
and the love i have for my family.
and my health.
and the knowledge that i am a precious daughter of God.
and the gospel.
and the fundamental principles it has taught me.
and for the fact that i come from a long line of good people.
people with integrity and a basic goodness.
and i am glad for that.
i am glad because i would not be the person i am today without those precious things in my life.
so heres to a wonderful existence.
and a bright future.
full of peace and happiness.
and even a little joy.

my wings may be damp, but theyre drying off.


Jack and Melissa said...

Your best blog entry ever Shawna..we are all truly blessed to have you in our lives & in our family..for all eternity! How grateful we are to have the knowledge of our Heavenly Father's know that our Savior is our brother. There is nothing in this world that can ever take away the knowledge, testimony, & peace that you have..that is yours forever. And you are our sister FOREVER..we love you always! Melissa & Jack

Tera said...

I had a little bit of those feelings yesterday - a reflection on all of my blessings, especially after the tragedy that happened here in our ward yesterday afternoon. Gave me a bit of perspective on things that matter most.

Claudine Barnett said...

bring your wings and lets go to lunch.