Thursday, August 5, 2010

family power

this photo really needs no explanation...a rare time for all of us (except dale) to all be together.
i am enjoying spending the week with my mom and dad in lehi, waiting for the kids to 
get out of efy. we have a fishing trip planned for friday, saturday park city, farmers market, and the alpine slide, then vegas on sunday...and the rio buffet. so all in all a fun week planned.
dane and i experienced thunder, hail and lightning yesterday which was exciting...actually the loudest i have ever heard in my life, and hail stones which made lots of noise on the roof of my car. 
even went to sleep with the thunder roaring outside our window.

and i got to hold this darling baby...his name is donovan. what a sweet, good baby. my nephew jacob and his wife toshias baby boy.
and i cannot even believe my kids were this little.
seems like forever ago.

and a couple of generations here. great grandfather, my dad.

good week.

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Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

That is one cute baby!!! Where did you find him? :)