Friday, August 13, 2010

gorgeous day in san diego

so we went to the world famous san diego zoo...

the giraffes are our personal favorites...
another reason verifying there is a God who has a 
keen sense of great design and creativity. 
i mean, c'mon...who would have thought of this beautiful creature?

and two of the elephants who were rescued from a circus. 
rescued from abuse, malnutrition and neglect.
the exact reason why i dont take my children to the circus. 
a barbaric, abusive industry in my humble opinion. 
sorry to all you circus workers out there.
you wont EVER catch me under a circus tent. ever.

and edens personal favorite...the rhino. 
so darling eden, this is for you. 
we missed you on this trip.
just wasnt the same.
so glad you are coming home today.
cant wait.

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Jack and Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun..natural beauty everywhere..including your awesome children! I love love love the pic with the kids & giraffe in background under his "giraffe sunbrella". Love YOU! Melissa