Monday, August 23, 2010

endless summer

so my annual end of summer funk is beginning to rear its ugly head. 
i feel a tantrum coming on.
hate this time of year. 
absolutely abhor  it. 
can i make myself any more clear?
hate the kids going back to school...
the older ones out of state.
hate, hate, hate it.
soon i must follow some sort of routine, and be on time.
must actually look at the calendar on a regular basis,
and be the "go to bed now" police.
also must do laundry in a timely manner.
now that will be a feat in itself.

and lucky me, now i get to do 4th grade math.
(i think i am too old to be doing 4th grade math, and i didnt get 3rd grade math down).
so what the heck am i going to do when eden goes to college next year?


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