Sunday, May 23, 2010

yearbook editor II

well, terry and i finished this gosh darn yearbook for
swimming after many sleepless nights, rummaging through numerous,
tedious stat pages, praying a lot while the 
zip is being loaded with about 10,000 pdf files...
thankfully all done, even after i did the scholar athlete page all wrong. 
dont want to leave out any smart swimmers, ya know. 
and my favorite photo of the year posted above.
check out that sky.
and hope i dont have to look at another swim photo another month...
cuz i think if i see any more bare chested boys and swim caps i just might throw up.
and ive got 3 more years of this.
what have i gotten myself into?

"we swim because we are too sexy for a sport which requires clothing"
their new motto.


HAL said...

hahahahahahahaha...what a motto!!

gr8apey said...

Yikes, that last comment posted as Hallie because she was the last signed onto my computer!! haha...she really DOES live over here!!

Claudine said...

you are an amazing photographer! you know that, don't you? you should seriously get serious about it!

Lori said...

Hahaha. Look out. Speedo just might steal your motto for a marketing slogan. Good job on the photo, Shawna!