Friday, May 21, 2010

single digit

may 20, 2001 was a good day. 
i finally was able to deliver my baby boy after a "knowing" of sorts that he needed to be born asap. i tried to convey my feeling to my doctor, however my pleas fell on deaf ears. he would not even check me to see my progress. had to wait till my due date he said. such a stupid man.
so i took matters into my own hands.
an ob nurse friend of mine, who will remain nameless, came over to my house...and checked me. i wont go into gorey details, but in a word, she confirmed i was ready to deliver, but we needed a doctor to help with the process since mine would not cooperate.
certainly a feat in itself.
so i found one. and a good one at that.
such a miracle.
he admitted me the next day, broke my water, and realized as soon as the water started flowing, 
there was meconium present. 
not a good thing.
when i heard the gush of water, i also heard an "uh oh"...and things stepped up a bit.
apparently some sort of stress was inflicted on him, 
therefore the meconium situation.
i knew it.
i knew there was a problem.
i could feel it in my gut.
if we had waited till my due date, a week later, dane probably wouldnt be here today. 
 inhaling meconium is extremely problematic and often deadly.

he came quickly with my young girls watching (hunter passed on the experience, as a boy of 6, he was more interested in a play date at matt ghardas house, eating bologna on the trampoline) experience which hopefully hasnt scarred them for life (they did witness the WHOLE thing), since they were literally inches away from his birth. i did notice they kept getting closer and closer as his birth progressed. aenon and emma on each side, their arms wrapped around my knees, and eden looking intently over a shoulder.
then the doctor announced he was just a little "peanut"
complete with green goo covering his entire tiny body...

a good day, and one i will never forget.
so glad i have him, even if he wasnt initially in my life plan.
i better get used to the fact that someone else is in charge.

and lesson to be learned...
listen to you gut.


Claudine said...

there are so many miracles connected to our children... they are so precious!

Jack and Melissa said...

So happy that you listened to your gut..those are your mama bear gut instincts! And so grateful that our Heavenly Father gave us those wonderful gifts...AND Dane of course! Love you Dane, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jack

In The Doghouse said...

What a blessing Dane is in your life. Where was I during all this drama??? lol I totally don't remember it at all, but thankfully both you and Dane made it through beautifully. PS I have a good idea who the nameless one is. :) Happy Birthday Dane!

shawna said...

oh, you were there diana...taking care of hunter and being irreverent letting him bring wolverine to church (oh wait, this was the prior year-haha)...turned out well, and everyone went home happy. took awhile until i could get a grip and realize i had a baby...remember? i was seriously so traumatized by it all!! but glad i survived!! (just barely)

gr8apey said... never told me that story (although it is pretty personal!) what a beautiful beginning for dane...with the perfect mom and surrounded by all his family!! love it!

Joan said...

I love birth stories and that one was wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

Btw ~ love that picture of your son in his blue shirt.

Cortney said...

love that your girls were there. sounds like an amazing experience. makes me want to wait 10 years and have another one so I can traumatize roxie!!
Love dane, such a sweet kid and love you.