Wednesday, May 19, 2010

forbidden fruit

so i am not supposed to have any sort of treat at all...some sick form of punishment 
i have decided to torture my soul with. 
however, have found a little fine print in the diet 
i am trying to adhere to...and miraculously found 
these little beauties at my local costco store.
(really, they are not allowed whatsoever, but i am lying to myself, and saying that they are). 
so my daily allotment is 5 little round, succulent orbs 
of fruity chocolate-ness. 
you better run out and get yourself some.
you just might die and go to heaven.


gr8apey said...

hahahahahahahaha...I'm lying to myself about the breadsticks. I found 90 calorie biscottis breadsticks and they are my "go to" snack when i feel like i'm going to eat someones leg!!

Jack and Melissa said...

I'm going to Costco asap! I saw these little goodies the last time I was there. I'm going to pretend I didn't read your comment that they're really not on our diet..hang in there! lol Melissa