Sunday, May 2, 2010

dog lady

so aenon and i, as we were driving to the airport yesterday, 
were talking about what kind of dog we should add to our menagerie.
we decided a standard poodle would fit in nicely.
a grey one though, because the dog has to match the house.
just like when we had cats...they were always black.
simply a living accessory.
until they became dinner for the hungry coyotes in the back field.

then she sent me this photo...a nice suggestion of how we should clip him or her.
i bet maria at petsmart could pull this off.

i swear, i am going to end up one of those crazy dog ladies.
and on the plane, i watched animal planet...
"pit bulls and parolees"
about this woman and her 2 daughters who have a ranch and rescue pit bulls. 
she employs parolees to help with the care of 200 abandoned dogs.
pretty interesting lady, whose attire is mens rain boots and an oversized grey sweatshirt.
looks like she would have a cigarette dangling from her wrinkled lips, 
and drive a semi truck in her spare time too.

pretty scary when i think i could actually be her.
well, not the cigarette or truck driver part.
but the parolee thing? 
think i could do that.

what is wrong with me?


Claudine said...

nuttin' honey. you just love dogs. if you are serious about the standard poodle (a great choice by the way) I have a friend who can hook you up! :)

gr8apey said...

hahaha...don't you dare...only the cigarette, parolee're crazy!