Saturday, May 15, 2010

boys are loud

the competent, responsible supervising team in charge

danes 9th birthday party last night. 
i usually chicken out and have it at some venue where 
i dont have to do anything but pay a large sum and leave my 
big mess behind for someone else to clean up. 
however, this year i got brave.
9 little boys, in my house, all at the same time for about 3 hours.
i know, scary to even think about it.
i was smart though, and engaged my older kids to do all the work,
all the game setting up and remote control managing.
love it when i am standing there in front of the tv, remote control in hand
and one of my older kids grabs it and says, "let me do it mom!"
like i am some kind of idiot.
maybe i am.

when i was a kid, the remote control only had 2 buttons (one for channel changing and one for volume), 
and it made this weird clicking noise when the levers were pressed down.
and as i recall, we were one of the first of my friends families to even own a tv with a remote control.
so, if i dont know how to run the remote control, blame it on my generation.

party was a huge success. 
i stood the continuous chatter, humming and screaming that little boys do.
and no spilled anything, no cupcake frosting smeared on my couch and no one fell in the pool.
no one had hurt feelings, or cross words and dane said the appropriate thank yous at the appropriate time.
did have boys outside throwing lemons in my pool and balancing precariously on the narrow spa wall.
but thats ok. all normal for these little men.
sometimes they just do stupid stuff.

and dont worry, moms who sent your precious children to my house.
they were well supervised...(wink wink).
but all and all this old lady survived.
and dane had fun.

mission accomplished.

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Jack and Melissa said...

We can't believe you are 9..WOW!
It looks like you had an awesome birthday party..wish we could have been there! We love you! Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jack