Saturday, May 1, 2010

just a few days of drama...

so i have been gone a few days...delivering emma to byu.
had an uneventful ride through the desert (after leaving california way too late) and ended up staying in lovely cedar city, because when you
are an old lady like me, everything shuts down about 8pm.
had a wonderful time at the hampton inn, and a much needed trip to walmart.
all of this excitement, after a letdown of sorts with the pathetic buffet at the mirage 
(dont ever visit this so called best buffet in vegas). i hate vegas. i really do. 
no offense to any vegas readers out there. 
and to make it even more exciting, emma and i are on this crazy diet. have to gorge for 3 days before the starvation sets in. ate lots of cinnamon rolls smeared in butter, swedish fish, ice cream cookie sandwiches, cafe rio, not once, but twice, gurus sweet potato fries and lots of pasta...never felt so disgusting in my life...and the tale continues.
now we are eating 500 calories and hating life. 
it will be worth it, emma, i promise.

the week just gets better, with a trip to the emergency room for an intense migraine, 
hyper-ventilating episode thing complete with hands that went numb
and tingly lips, and gall bladder attack the night prior. 
(i think this takes the cake for the worst i have ever felt),
all of this complete with an iv and barfing in the little square pink bucket in front of 
emma and the nice fireman helper guy with really nice biceps (he probably could have been my son).
and all that good chicken and broccoli wasted.
what a shame.
darling emma even held my hair back while i puked my guts out.
caused lots of drama with aenon hurrying down from salt lake and my 80 something parents scrambling to the little po-dunk hospital in orem. yes, you heard me right, orem.
or "awrem", as they pronounce it here. 
i guess there was a suicidal guy there too in the room next to me.
i really didnt care who was there, because i was given a nice cocktail of sleepy drugs and when i arrived home to my moms, i literally fell comatose into the bed and slept in till 9am.
never done that in my whole life.
so, all in all, maybe i just needed some sleep and some major drugs.
the perfect cure all.

the next day was a fun filled (and highlight of my week) afternoon filled with little darling shops, and even a junk yard...and then lunch at the blue lemon (only after a tour of ingrids home, whose craft room is the size of my living room and kitchen...ok, i will admit, i officially have major craft room envy).
all of this fun with my spark girls, pictured above.
for a bunch of old ladies, i think we are pretty cute, even if i had barfed the night before, and was seriously still coming down from my sleepy drug high.

and i have decided, girl time is necessary.

so get ready, april and melanie. were going somewhere fun.


Cortney said...

oh my word... you are such a drama queen! sorry to hear all that. just came back from some girl time in palm springs... best. weekend. ever!

Ingrid said...

Wow! I didn't know you had had all that stuff going on. You needed yesterday! Glad you felt better and we could pull it off. What a great time! Looking forward to doing it again soon :)

Jack and Melissa said...

Think of all the money you could have made if you just had a video person taping all the action..I still say your own reality show would be a hit..where's OC Housewives producer?? Someone needs to give him a call! Cute pic..wish I could join in on your girl time! Love you always shrinking sister..from your shrinking big sister,MelissaXXXOOO
Hang in there!

gr8apey said...

what a terrible friend that i had to be told by my MOTHER that all of this was happening...that's what happens when i don't turn on my computer. when hunter said you were still gone...i just assumed you were having a BLAST!! i can't believe you are in for round two of that diet...I still want to know how in the world you exist off that many calories??!!

Renee said...

I had such a fabulous, relaxing time on our "girls day out"! I soooo needed it and I absolutely loved the company, the wonderful food, Ingrid's incredible house and craft're not the only one with craftroom envy, and especially the "junking/American Picker style in our "nice clothes". What a junker won't do for a piece of rusty metal.
I'm soooo sorry you had such a rotten day the day before and didn't even tell us. You're amazing! Can't wait for our next outing!!!!