Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i like this...

It is difficult to keep remembering that no bad feeling lasts forever, 
that no frame of mind is permanent in the ebb and flow of our existence. 

The words “This too shall pass” is revealing eternity, because it 
is pointing out that all situations in life are temporary. 
And only that which is eternal can point out that which is temporary. 
“This too shall pass” is a sentence pointing at the eternity living inside us. 
The eternity that will outlive our physical form, thoughts and feelings. 
The eternity which is life.

You should do your best, not to judge the situations 
you find yourself in. Be they good or bad, 
because every situation is temporary.

Now sit on that thought and think about how you feel about it.

(stolen from rachael cleggs blog...thanks cute girl)

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