Sunday, November 6, 2011

im a whiner

not all the time, but sometimes. 
so after all of that whining...
the sun came out.and toby and i had a wonderful morning in the sun.
my bedroom faces east, so i awaken to these rays of sunshine streaming in.
 we took full advantage of the warmth and beautiful light.

see, it does turn out alright after all.
and all of that whining went out the window...
as soon as the sun rose.
and i have so much to look forward to.
 happiness and good awaits.
no worries.
im going to make it.
and i even found a nice guy who will fix my computer for free.
just for me.
see, miracles do exist.


jmelmac said...

SO happy to see that the sun came out of those dark clouds..remember what Jessica used to say(& I'm sure she still does!)STAND facing the sun..let the shadows fall behind you. luvuforever! from your panicky, neurotic, sister-bear SISTER, Melissa

Claudine Barnett said...

oh, I love these toby pics with the sunlight on him! so sweet!