Sunday, November 27, 2011

starting to breathe again

and need to continue on.
even if this house is very quiet. 
i never realized what life he brought here.
what energy he carried with him as he followed me around.
the sound of his feet on the stone floor.
and his breathing when he was curled up next to me.
i will miss him tomorrow when the kids go to school.
when i am here by myself for the first time in 71/2 years.
so all that said, i am going to post thanksgiving pics.
it was a good dinner, and a good day.

and i am very thankful.
for those noises i wont hear anymore.
and the complete devotion a mere animal gave me.
just because he was wired that way.
for this particular canine who knew how to love.
i think a few humans i know need to take a page out of his book.
oh the message he gave
without saying a word. 


jmelmac said...

Wishing you blessings of peace & comfort in the passing of your incredible dear Toby. Even though you don't hear his "physical" presence, his sweet spirit presence is forever etched in your memory. Shawna, thank you for the tremendous example you share by respecting & honoring the stewardship that is given to us in taking care of our beloved family pets..YOU are the best! All my love, Melissa

Ingrid said...

Shawna, I was just catching up on your blog. I didn't realize you lost your dog. We lost Deuce in April, he was also 7 1/2. So sad. Still sometimes my heart just feels like it is going to break when I think of him. I so wanted my grandkids to love him the way my kids did. Deuce was a great companion, and I think there is something about dogs, they just get you, understand your moods and your need for stillness, or a head on your knee and kind eyes looking at you. I am sorry for your loss. And at the age/place we are, is it worth going through the training for another one? I haven't been convinced of that yet. Merry Christmas, my friend. I think of you often.