Sunday, November 20, 2011

the simplicities of life

i was invited to participate in the magic of a sacred occasion.
this darling girl is my sweet friend and past caretaker of my children, 
her brother my other son who was the adventurous older sibling they didnt have.
shes a bright scholar of a girl...who married her intellectual author sweetheart.
(he even wrote a novel...i know, cool huh).
two peas in a bookworms, shakespeare lovers they are.

while she was growing up, and i was raising little kids...
their family lived two doors down from us...
what a fun time, when i look back on it.
life was good.
life was simple and sweet.
(dont get me started).


 this beautiful darling girl got married yesterday.
and i was asked to help.
(lucky me).
and it was amazing.
i think the pictures tell the story...
(she used an owl theme...can you tell?)

for some reason (well, i know why...long story) i was filled with several
dramatic conflicting emotions during these beautiful festivities.
yes, i was a basket case.
i wept solid while driving there and going home.
i think my head was about to explode and my neck and 
shoulders were tensing to the point of excruciating uncomfortableness.
unfortunately this is where my stress settles.
(is this why people take valium?)
just shoot me now.
i know, im a whiner.
there was joy, sadness, remorse, frustration and sheer happiness all rolled into one.
and i was the lucky one to have all that piled on me.
i challenge anyone to sort through all of that...and come out of it ok.
(i was failing miserably)
i was a mess...good thing i had waterproof mascara on.
and the raging headache and momentary blackout was icing on the cake.
i swear im going to die of an aneurysm...or melanoma.
take your pick.
just make sure someone takes care of toby when i croak.
despite my emotional state, red eyes and ruined make up, the day was absolute pure magic.
and i was so glad to be a part of all of the 
which was oozing all over the place.
maybe someday i can get my hands on a little of that.
if i dont die first.

and i actually think i may like my camera more than fresh flowers.
we have an intimate relationship after yesterday.
the light was perfect, the colors were spectacular 
and this camera of mine captured it all.
although i will say this wedding was a perfect mixture of two creative outlets for me.
 making her wedding bouquet and head wreath was magic...
even if i am nursing a major thorn in my finger 
(and i know ive used the word "magic" like 3 times... 
but theres no other appropriate word...sorry)
i think i really like orange too.
reminds me of aenons hair in the sun.
i became the florist turned photographer.
(just call me multi-talented).
 and ended up taking like 300 pictures.
and annoyed every guest there.
i am sure.
im good at sticking a big black lens in peoples faces.
and not afraid to pose people i dont know.
but a cd full of pictures (maybe 2) will be a treasure indeed.
a snapshot of a perfect day.
and well worth the annoyance.

and when nicole texted me last night...
i reminded her of the beautiful simplicity of the day.
and the purity of the message.
and challenged her to build on that.
to hang on to it. 
if we could all keep that simplicity in our lives.
i think it would cure everything.
i think they can.
and im aiming big.

so...congrats nicole and tyler.
thank you for allowing me to share your perfect day.
it was magic. 
(4th time)


George Eliot said...

We're stuck in stopped traffic on our way to Santa fe, so it was fun to find this. I can't WAIT to see the rest of these. You DID capture the light perfectly! I'm selfishly glad I caught you in the transition, because my flowers could not have been more perfect. We love you! Thank you sooo much!

Tera said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors. And you just do "magic" with the flowers - every time. And I wish I lived close by so that you could use your camera and create some memories for my family (we need family pictures BAD). Anyway, you did beautiful (you always do)!

jmelmac said...

YOU are amazing!! Spectacular colors, gorgeous flower arrangements, & awesome photos..I don't know how you do it all..but you do! Love you my infinite-multi-talented sister of mine, Melissa xxxooo

Joan said...

Those colors and your photos are "magic"!

PS... my word verification to comment is ornmagic! How weird is that?