Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more polo...

one of the reasons why i have this blog is to document my life.
to record all the seemingly insignificant things which go on every day.
i am sure one day i will read this and not be bored with the
mundane day to day things i write about.
i will cherish those events...
and long for the time when i was a glorified chauffeur
and chief cook and bottle washer, maid and veterinarian.
well, if the truth be known, i already do cherish them.
as i have realized...they are quickly escaping my hands.
we have more water polo.
i love watching him play.
every game i look forward to.
i love to see not only his natural strength, and skills...
but his good sportsmanship,
and his support for his teammates.
his positive attitude and his shy smile he may not share with everyone.
but me.
i love the occasional eye contact we may have during a game.
like he knows i am there for him, and him only.
but most of all, i love how he is not embarrassed if i come up to
give him a hug after a game, or listen at the edge of the pool
while he tells me about the intricacies of the game he just played.
going into every detail. i nod my head, smile and tell him he is awesome.
and if needs be, i tell him tomorrow will come, and another day will be started.
and we can start all over again.

love this boy. 
like no one will ever know.

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jmelmac said...

Hunter the Rock..he got that from you BOTH rock! What incredible memories you have created & have to hold onto for the you forever, Melissa