Friday, October 14, 2011

i wonder if i could hide...

from the world.
and run away.
way far away.
and not talk to anyone.
unless it was something lovely or sweet.
love trickling out of my mouth.
only uttered to those i care for and trust.
those souls would take it in and smile.
caress my shoulder and tell me its gonna be alright.

rich reminded me of something weve all heard...
something i used to say to my kids.
still saying it actually.

"if you dont have something nice to say, dont say it at all."

maybe this should be my new mantra.
tattooed on my forehead.
that would be good.


jmelmac said...

This life is too,too short to waste on people who don't LOVE & RESPECT YOU..don't EVER forget that. True love & friendship..whether it comes from family or foe, is nurtured with UNCONDITIONAL love. Rich is right..surround yourself with those that love you & respect you..AND remove those that don't. YOU don't need to run need to just walk forward with all of us who love you for the eternities you always & forever! your sista forever, Melissa

Joan said...

My mother used to tell that to us all the time. I have found it sneaking out of my mouth to my students. ;)

In The Doghouse said...

Sorry you are still having issues with "not so kind" people right now. Cheer up though and enjoy Eden this weekend! Love always!!