Friday, October 7, 2011

knee deep

in yellow.

and if youve ever walked in my house and thought it was a mess...
check out my garage.
when i create. it is chaos.
good chaos tho.
claudine and i seem to do the same thing.
two peas in a pod, us two.
oh yes, and we did go to in and out.
(tell tale signs on the table there)
seems cheeseburgers and flowers go together for us.
all of this after we left behind a huge bucket of lemon leaves in the parking lot.
stepped in dog poo.
got surpised by a garden spider the size of a silver dollar hanging over my head.
 supervised 2 extra large dogs (worse than 2 year olds) hanging out with us in the garage.
(i think we scolded toby and bailey like a hundred times...)
and made brownies at midnight.
thats us, a rare twosome.
we know how to do it right.

and my favorite arrangement yet.
and it took like 5 minutes.
sometimes the less you do...the better.
just hope i dont transport any black widows to the wedding,
who have hidden out in my old iron urn.

and possibly the smallest bridal bouquet i have ever created.
and yes, this is a good thing.
usually my arrangements get rather large.
with flowers crawling all over the person they are trying to adorn.
look for the little furry yellow orbs tucked in there...
and whoever said there isnt a God...
is nuts.
id like to see them create
a perfect natural sphere,
in glorious mustard yellow.

 another arrangement which came together perfectly.
sometimes you struggle with putting them together in the right way.
other times it just happens.
maybe someone knew i needed to go to bed.
(it was 1am...way past my bedtime)
and the faster i got this all done, the better.
thank you to whoever guided me.

till tonight...
when the shin dig really happens.
lets see if we can pull it off.
still got a lot of work to do...
in my fancy studio, i call a messy garage.
wish us luck.


jmelmac said...

WOW,WOW,WOW! You are so incredibly talented Shawna..these flower arrangements are STUNNING! What comes so natural to you is totally mind boggling to 99% of the rest of us..what a lucky bride is to have your expertise to make beautiful you my sweet sister! xxxooo Melissa

George Eliot said...

LOVE these! Especially your favorite that you pulled off last-minute and the spider mums and golden balls in the bouquet.

Claudine Barnett said...

haha - oh my - we are so classy in our posh workshop! but it was fun, wasn't it?