Friday, October 21, 2011

more oldies

my sister is in utah scanning ancient pictures for my mom and dad...
so she sends me a few here and there.

im the one in the middle, squished between my cousins...
(i think one of my favorites of all time)

i think i had a birthday while we were boating...
must have been june 24th...1969 or something.

i am not sure where this is...
i just know im the little girl on the back.
my sister driving this motorcycle thing.
(what the heck is that anyway?)

im not sure about this one either.
probably on my grandparents ranch.
we grew up visiting their ranch, riding horses and playing in big meadows.
i even witnessed the castration of cattle and lots of branding and vaccinations.
still remember all of that for some reason.
probably because it was pretty graphic...
and they didnt seem to mind if us kids watched.
i think they may have even made us watch. sister probably perturbed i was even in this picture.
i think i may have been the pesky little sister.
naw. never.


jmelmac said...

You have NEVER been the pesky little don't even go there! You were the cutest little sister anyone could have..I need to send you LOTS more you FOREVER! Melissa

zone5now said...

That thing you are sitting on is a late 60's Honda Trail 90. It is now a collectable, but the red ones are worth a little more. I'd take that one for the back of the Airstream or a Vespa with a sidecar.