Monday, October 17, 2011

i am old

because the little girl in my arms has graduated from Berkeley
 and is a brilliant engineer/physicist/super smartie...
and the little boy by my side has his masters in mathematics and 4 kids...
even a few of them in school already.
simply mind boggling.

however, this seems like yesterday.
i may be old, but i sure dont feel old.
a weird phenomenon, for sure.
so lets hear it for stayin young.
quite possibly it was the car which i remember so well.
seared into my brain.
oh, that mustard yellow was the best.


jmelmac said...

Mom & I are sitting here talking about this CUTE pic of you, Shanna & Jacob. You & Shanna look like mommy/daughter even way back when! I really think that's why we named her Shawna..oops I mean Shanna! You two are like 2 peas in a pod. Thanks for always being there for my kids..they love you dearly Shanna..oops..I mean you forever! your sista Melissa

Joan said...

There was a car just like that parked on my street when I was a teenager. I walked past it every day after school and wanted it so badly. It wasn't that awesome yellow though; it was blue. =)