Saturday, January 1, 2011

year at a glance

i thought i would copy emmas idea and put together a year in pictures.
so i went through all of my photos and this is what i found...

in january we went to storytellers cafe in the grand californian hotel.
then proceeded to get in a really gnarly family fight in the lobby.
ive forgotten what started it all...

hunter got his lettermans jacket.
size XXXL.

and emma left for her big adventure in london.

in february, eden turned 17.
we celebrated with a big fat cheesecake. 

swim season started.

eden and michael munton went to winter formal.

in march, i headed up a project to donate 75 homemade dresses
to the humanitarian group koins for kenya. 

swim season heated up.

in april, eden and brandon chase went to mormon prom.

then a stupid volcano erupted and ruined my trip to london.

michael english shaved hunters head.

in may, dane turned the big 9. 
a certified single digit midget.

the weather started to warm up and we were frequently found at table rock.

and the jacuzzi was heated on a regular basis.

in june, my edens started to bloom.

then i celebrated my birthday with these wonderful, favorite people. 

in july, i made red, white and blue cupcakes on the 4th.
well, actually i think emma made these.

experienced major june gloom at the beach...ALL summer long.

then went on a very fun road trip...and made all sorts of new friends.

in august, we rode the alpine slide...again.
dane, this time by himself.

visited family.

and went to the beach the few times the sun peeked through the clouds.

in september, we had to get back into a routine, start wearing clothes again,
and reluctantly, complaining the whole time, go back to school.

then polo started up.

in october, i attended my 30th mira costa high school reunion, 
and got reacquainted with some really great people.

ended up chasing the sun, and had a relaxing weekend in palm springs.
(one of the reasons i live in southern california.)

and celebrated halloween with an elementary 
school carnival and eating lots of bad for you food.
(green frosting stains, by the way)

in november, i cooked a couple of turkeys.
this one being the tastiest.

 hunter had his last polo game at mira costa.
(they lost.)

and found myself walking on the beach a lot.

we kicked off december, with a visit from melissa and jack,
and sing noel.

and had a quiet, uneventful, peaceful christmas.

and then i got to see my aenon.
and it felt good.

im gonna make it another good year.

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Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

Getting through 2010 was a tough one for you..but you made it! I kind of think of it as your "rebirth". And one of the great "side affects" of birth is that you slowly forget all the pain that you've been through..& only good memories remain with you..memories that no one can take away from you...EVER.
So happy that 2011 is here...a new year for you to create new memories with those that you love & hold dear. We're excited for you Shawna..& we know wonderful times are coming your way! Love you always, Melissa & Jack