Saturday, January 22, 2011

action figure love

i came back from dropping dane off at school, and this guy was standing on my counter...
in all of his super saiyan glory.
(you have to watch dragon ball z to know what im talking about)
funny how i know all the lingo.
used to watch it with aenon, how many years ago?
now my dane is into it.
and i admit, i will miss his talk about gohan and "over 9000".
one day he will grow out of all of this.
but until then, i will nod and participate in his silly conversations
about cartoon characters.

love that little boy.

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Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

love love love that little boy Dane too..he has a heart of gold. I had fun helping Dane "paint" the little purple man with magic markers..I kind of took my new "hairdo" from this guy! Thanks again Dane for all the fun times we had last week..I miss you & love you all! Aunt Melissa