Thursday, January 27, 2011

what its all about

i was wondering what i was going to blog about...
been a little slow around here.
then, i received this in the mail.

absolutely made my day.
and made me think...
"this is what its all about"

this is my big brothers family.
(hes the one in the burgundy shirt)
and his rather large family, 6 kids to be exact.
he is a good man. an exceptional man.
all good people doing good stuff.

and i share these good genes.
and i am doing good stuff too.
maybe even exceptional stuff.

and i smiled.


Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

What I love about this picture is it could have been taken 10,30,or 50 years ago..yeah the bathing suits & sunglasses would have been a little different but the shared love of family is timeless. I know that our family & loved ones that have passed on wholeheartedly agree with you.."this is what it's all about". Thanks for the reminder..& thank you for your tremendous example & love that you share with all of us. Love you for the eternities! Melissa & Jack

Buffy said...

Family is definitely what it's all about. Those relationships are forever!!