Thursday, January 20, 2011

first born

aenons birthday was yesterday.
i feverishly tried to get both scanners to work, so i could write my post.
neither one did.
i would try one, then another. unplug this, unplug that.
error this, error that...original jam...what the heck is an original jam?
all messages i was getting from these advanced technical devices.
i came up empty handed.
nothing worked.
so i gave up.

so i tried again today.
i guess the lovely scanner was finished with his tantrum.
(i call it a male for some reason...dont know why).
maybe it was the unplugging and replugging one last time.
some stupid, unimportant ritual i needed to perform in order for it to start working.
how exasperating.
so good of it to realize it should finally step up to the plate and perform.
just like a man. it worked.
it was a miracle.

so out came these wonderful photos circa 1988.
january 19th to be exact.
it was rainy that day, i remember.
it was a great day to have my first child.

if you dont like the sight of blood, 
 icky goo stuff slathered all over a non breathing newborn...
or legs in stirrups, 
please exit quietly from this site.

dont say i didnt warn you.

to make a long story short, my mom took me to st johns hospital in 
santa monica after i started to have contractions. 
i labored for awhile (not fun for the first time), then was given an epidural...
then dr garza did his thing. he was old school, and draped me like i was about
to have open heart surgery...
they must have taken a half hour just to put those blue things all over me.
she came easily and with no trouble.
it was magic.
and apparently i was put in the room afterwards where all the celebrities recover.
pretty nice digs i will say.
then all the nurses went crazy because she was red headed.
you would have thought she was born with wings or with some host of angels surrounding her.
she was an attention getter for sure.
from day one.
from minute one.
and that has never stopped.
and i am happy about that.
that girl is one in a million.
and i wouldnt trade her for anything.
she touches my soul.
she is the flesh of my flesh.
and i am very happy she is mine.

i love you aenon.
happy 23rd.

(and i cant believe i was 25 (or was i 26?) in these photos...amazing when it seems like yesterday)


Joan said...

Lovely post. Amazing how we forget where put our keys or cell phone, but remember those births with such clarity.

In The Doghouse said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday darling Aenon!

Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

I remember so clearly the phone call from Mom telling me about the birth of Aenon.."and she has red hair!" Mom kept repeating over & over. And I felt a connection our new little angel Aenon. So happy our Heavenly Father sent her to you & our family..she IS one in a million! Love you always & forever Aenon, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket

Ingrid said...

Funny that both our first borns are red heads. And I don't know who took your photos, but you have some great ones! Mine are all post delivery, cleaned up and presentable ones. I wish I had some like yours. I take that kind for my girls. As you can see, they make for great memories!

plainjanedoe said...

Wow! She was Aenon, even then! Thanks for posting these great pictures.