Thursday, January 13, 2011

my sister, the stager

my sister is in town. she is the energizer bunny reincarnated.
i cannot keep up with her. 
i wish i could. 
she is amazing.
she has transformed my house into a showpiece.
we go around the house brainstorming, then run to the garage for some old mirror,
or even had hunter move a chaise lounge down from upstairs.
its amazing what can be found in the back of closets and in my cluttered garage.
furniture in one room, brought to another for a whole new look.
and i dont think my kitchen has ever been cleaner.
she definitely got the "clean" genes.
i got the "clutter drives me crazy, but i cant seem to fix it" genes.
or the "im too tired to put this away" genes.
or "lets do that tomorrow" genes.
i havent always been like this, is swear.

i think i need to just throw everything away.
but why cant i do that?
every piece of my discarded junk needs a good home, or i am not fulfilled.
as soon as some piece of "valuable" crap hits the bottom of my trash can, i am left devastated.
so i "store" my junk, waiting to have it all adopted by loving homes.
and not much sees the bottom of that lonely can.

i shouldnt feel too bad...when jack was here in december. he said...
"your garage isnt that bad...ive seen way worse".
(i didnt see him roll his eyes..maybe he did, and i didnt see)
so...thanks jack, for those words of encouragement.
hopefully you werent lying through your teeth.

ive determined, however, there is something wrong with me for sure.

but i am determined to manage all of my "stuff".
because the "stuff" is managing me.
my sister has come to help me do that.
and yes, i fully admit, i need help.
and a lot of it.
so, thank you melissa for sharing your contagious energy and optimism.
and bringing your anti-bacterial soap.
(no one has caught hunters dreaded illness...yet)
lets hope for the best.
so far so good.


Uncle Jacket said...

most garages look like "California's basements" least you can park in yours. I noticed the big blue dog is movable for staging purposes!!

Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

Your house looks amazing!!! Good luck going through everything!

AaReAn said...

omg what a beautiful home. Your ottomans...oh I love your ottomans! :-) some day...*sigh maybe?!?! ha.

gr8apey said...

im assuming that all of this "staging" is heading somewhere?????

Buffy said...

Your house is gorgeous! Is your sister moving in?:). Great job ladies!

shawna lynne henrie said...

oh, aarean...i LOVE my ottomans too! they will never leave my sight! i had them custom made by this great furniture maker...i got to pick out the specific leather and how many of the very few opportunities i have had to do that. my green chairs were made by the same people...and that was just as rewarding, to design those and pick out that yummy fabric. they even lined up the pattern to be centered on each chair! magic! now i am craigs-listing!! and that is just as fun, just in a different way!

Claudine Barnett said...

it looks gorgeous... how fun!