Monday, September 6, 2010

time flies

this is cohen...a few years back. josie, hope its ok with you that i am showing his cute mug.

i was in primary yesterday listening to dane give his talk.
he did a great job, by the way.
inflection in his voice, self confidence oozing from every pore.
such a funny little boy he is.
and as i sat in the back, watching these little children wiggle in their seats and 
raise their hands with enthusiasm...
i was moved as i remembered when my children were small.
i was taken back 15 years or so to the time when i
had little ones all lined up in the hall.
matching dresses for the 3 girls...
then as i scanned the room, i realized i had a special
relationship with the first 2 rows.
my nursery kids.
every single one of them, i knew.
and when i occasionally substitute in there, 
i am greeted with big hugs and big smiles.
nothing better than being on your knees at 
their level and looking straight into those bright, innocent eyes.
baileys especially.
she reminds me so much of emma as a little girl.
or cohen, who reminds me in looks of hunter.
brings it all right back.
and it feels good.

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