Sunday, September 26, 2010

ten things

ten things i learned this week

1. its ok to disagree, not ok to be disagreeable.
2. what a tail dragger is
3. brand new flip flops are pretty great
4. real butter is a necessity
5. la jolla sand is way finer (and cleaner) than orange county sand
6. my name is mentioned in ferris buellers day off
7. naps on sunday afternoons are a required activity
8. we really shouldnt judge others
9. oatmeal cookies absolutely need coconut and walnuts added to the recipe
10. nick the asian guy who does my nails really does know how to predict the future

cant wait to learn more next week.


gr8apey said...

hahahah good old nick! i can't wait to hear what he predicted and i'm sooo jealous of a sunday nap i could scream. just about had a sunday melt down...does that count?? we need to fill each other in on things! lunch this month??

Chris said...

Shawna, I just love you! We are so on the same wave length. I'm back on my blog again! Sounds like the name of a song. lol
I am right wit ja girl on your 10 things. Keep up the good attitude.

PS I JUST told Ron last night. Hey, I am entitled to my opinion and it has NOTHING to do with YOURS! We can agree to disagree and that's ok. Period!