Monday, September 13, 2010


so i am a couple days late in writing this tribute to my dad...born on september 11, 1924.
probably not in his wildest dreams would he have imagined he would be sharing
his birthday with one of the biggest tragedies in united states history.

i love this photo.
my dad is on the left, his father in the middle and his brother in the ill fitting jeans.
i will say i love my dads overalls.
why cant we go back to wearing overalls?
so convenient and comfortable.
so universally fitting.

i love my dad.
i admire my dad.
i look up to my dad.
for lots of reasons.
he taught me many great lessons in life.
all very important ones, in fact if one can master the ones he taught
and exemplified, we would all have it made.

hard work...

just to name a few.

however, these are the BIG ones.
the ones that matter.

and i have realized that in the last couple of years.
that all the little stuff doesnt matter.
there is lots of unimportant fluff in life.
eliminate the fluff, and get back to basics.
get back to who you are and what you stand for.
and stand for something you believe in.

im all over it.
and thanks dad for being there for me.


Jack and Melissa said...

What a great tribute to Dad Shawna..we are so blessed to have the examples & heritage of our family..& our ancestors..& those yet to come! The knowledge & testimony that you have.."the big picture", is the greatest treasure you will ever possess. Thanks for being the best sister you always & forever, Melissa

AaReAn said...

here's to scanning! This photo is priceless!

snowillard said...

Awesome stuff. Great picture. Great generation of people. A great heritage. Live up to it!

I hope that our kids can have the strength that the generation that begat us had. They are going to need it I fear. Im afraid that there is something in the air or the water that has made it much harder to preserver today. things are different. We are so used to having so much they had really very little back then. Work was everything we have forgotten how today it has been provided and it is all an illusion. That is slowly being revealed as such. My sister wrote a really cool post about my father on her blog. No picture but a great tribute to another great man