Tuesday, September 28, 2010

another man

another man surfaced on the olive tree which stands in front of my home.
i caught a glimpse of him in the evening dark, his silhouette punctuated by the 
brightness of the light shining on the tree.
he is faded, as it is the end of september, his final season of
protecting my greens from invasive predators.
so he has done his job, and i only got to see him in the twilight of
his life. his bright green faded to a pale mustard yellow.
there he was in all of his glory.
standing there, very poised. 
his magnificent head turned slowly to look at me.
i wonder how long he will last?
i wonder if his offspring will come back in the spring?
all i know is i am glad he surfaced to show me his
wonderful self.
something about praying mantis' and me.
maybe in my past life i was a bright green one with a magnificent head like his.
hmm, gotta wonder.

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Jack and Melissa said...

I'm kind of dumb about these little creatures..I've had one in my potted fern on the front porch all summer..if you can call it a summer..we've had more overcast days this summer than all last winter. I noticed a week ago that he'd turned pale yellow & thought it was from the lack of sun..kind of like me!! So happy to hear that this process is just part of nature..your guy is pretty darn handsome! Lots of love, Melissa