Wednesday, September 8, 2010

melancholy misty morning

so i walked in from taking dane to his first day of school...
and was instantly hit square in the face with a deafening quiet. 
this house is like a tomb. 
its walls still with reverence.
i am reeling with the presence of no one.
surprisingly, stillness is quite noisy.
and i dont like it.
the dogs are here...
and the little sounds they generate.
the distinguishable tinkle of their collars, 
and the pitter patter of their feet on the hard tile...
tobys click a little noisier than maggies.

then, there on the counter was danes leftover hot chocolate and remainder of his sourdough toast.
a creature of habit that young man.
like clockwork, he loves his routine.

then found some notes left in his backpack over the summer, 
which i had hurriedly grabbed and left on the counter.
little treasures of synchronized letters spelled out on paper.
telling a sweet story of a loved little boy. 
my gem of a little boy.
the sparkle in my life.

and all of this makes the quiet okay.

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Jack and Melissa said...

The quiet is like a pause in a sentence..waiting for all of the new memories on the horizon..& yes, I myself made that up! But it definitely has a ring of truth to it. It's obvious one can only appreciate new memories as long as they cherish their old memories. Love you Shawna! Melissa