Tuesday, March 24, 2009

brave times ten

this is my niece's son payton. go to this website to see how brave this little boy is. we are all standing in awe of the incredible strength in both he and his family. chelsea (payton's mom) is my oldest brother dale's daughter. i have fond memories of playing with her and her 4 brothers and sister as little children. o, i am old, i know. kind of makes you remember what is really important. check out his website and say a little prayer.



Northam Clan said...

I have to say I was suprized to see my cute little man on your site. Man, he's cute :o) Thanks for sharing the love!!!

Northam Clan said...

I mean SURPRISED...oops!

The Romneys said...

I found your blog through Tera. Wow, you have a beautiful family! I still remember babysitting your cute kids (your girls waking around with your silky g's as a comfort blankey, still makes me laugh). You were always a women I, just wanted to be like in everyway.I think of you a lot, epecailly now with my calling in Young Women. You truly rock in every way possible. So glad I found your blog. I have one too, it's romneys.blogspot.com.

Ps I have 2 red heads of my own now!
Love, Cassy Romney /(Miller) or Chris Grant's daughter