Saturday, March 28, 2009

God be with you till we meet again...

because of emma's particular age, 19, she has all of these friends who are leaving to serve full-time missions. they are leaving by the droves. every time one leaves, they take a piece of her heart. these darling boys so obedient and sweet. their lives about to take off. the adventures they face are so exciting. the lives they will touch innumerable. the growth they will see in themselves, mind boggling. they will return "real" men. and for us on the home front, nothing more exciting than getting a letter in the mail addressed to "sister johnson", like i received the other day from elder evans. something the mailman doesn't see every day.

ryan's family came to pick up emma this morning. their destination, the airport. just so happened, that emma was on the same flight to salt lake city...the flight he will take to enter the mtc. what a solemn, almost sacred pilgrimage she was lucky enough to take part in. i walked out with emma to get in their car, the little sisters in the back seat with wet eyes already, a beautiful and serene mother, waiting to get on with it, and take her boy where she knows he needs to go...a mission for him as much as for the Lord. chuck at the wheel, confident and positive. his strength was silent too. the scene was quiet and tranquil. one that very much impressed me. i guess that's why i am writing about it, tearing up as i type. i cant help but think this scene will be mine in about 5 years. hopefully, i can conduct myself with the grace and dignity of the pinner family.

ryan came for emma the other day. they were off to the horse races for a fun day spent with ryan's uncle. apparently ryan's uncle owns a horse who was racing. exciting for emma, as we have never done that before. something new and different. when ryan came to the door, he was so sweet and kind (like he always is), however there was a difference in him. a noticeable difference. it was almost like he had a special aura about him. like he glowed. he all of a sudden, too, was all grown up. i knew what it was. the change in him defies description. words cannot express what i saw and what i felt.

i have no doubt whatsoever, he will make an amazing missionary. i am excited for him to experience a new place (west virginia) and impact the lives of many who need the Lord and the gospel in their lives. and i am sure there are many, just waiting patiently for him to get there. the people there are lucky to have such a wonderful representative of Christ, elder ryan pinner.

i am so proud of ryan, and his beautiful choice to serve the Lord. i am grateful for young men like him who are magnificent examples of what my boys can and should become. thank you to all of these remarkable and valiant brothers, from the bottom of my heart. i love all of you little boys.

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gr8apey said...

that was beautiful! amen.