Sunday, March 22, 2009

let's dance

well, it was mormon prom again. for those of you who dont know all about it, it is a quad stake dance, treated like a high school prom. way fun. this was eden's first, since she just turned 16. we host a fancy dinner beforehand for the kids. they ate homemade enchiladas, barbie pink cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries, took photos and exchanged floral "things" (which half of them forgot) then left for the dance at soka university. emma, bless her little heart, has helped me all week prepare for the dinner and get the house ready not to mention applying eden's amazing make-up and curling her hair (which took like an hour-that girl has soooo much hair). I'm not feeling good at all...really bad when the mom gets sick. anyway, this one was especially fun cuz eden's good friend ethan asked her. no romance, just fun. next year she'll go again, then the year after that hunter will get to go too. we're taking bets as to who he will go with. cj smith maybe?


KM said...

Hi shawna! It's Karen. It's fun to read about your family and all that is going on. My life is way too boring to blog about.
Michael also went to Mormon prom and looked so cute. He was the only one in a group of 13 guys that wore a pure white tux. His date was Kelsey Rushton, who was so much fun. She got him a big orange daisy for a boutinere. He loved it. If you have a facebook, I've posted a bunch of their photos there. He is definately not part of the "norm". Always wants to be a little different than the rest. I think Eden has a facebook, maybe she can show you his prom album. Thanks for sharing your fun life and beautiful kids.

Cortney said...

EVERYONE kept telling me how beautiful Eden looked! And can i please have some of those strawberries?!?!

Northam Clan said...

I see Jessica in her. She is beautiful (just like her Mom and sister's).