Friday, March 27, 2009

magic escape

well, i have to say that some years disneyland really "does it" for me, other years i could go without it and not even miss it. we have had passes in the years past, and sometimes not even hardly gone at all. this year is different. we like to go for some odd reason. it is our "escape". i have to admit, it is a walk down memory lane every time i pass through the turnstile. i remember times when i had a stroller in front of me with an excited toddler or two in tow. other times, a newborn swaddled in that same stroller, numerous not so little ones following behind, complete with wide eyes and big smiles. i think one of my favorite places on earth is the grand californian hotel. love the craftsman architecture, beautiful stained glass and original art not to mention the roaring fire and little chairs all lined up in a corner of the lobby with a tv streaming classic disney cartoons. we have stayed at this wonderful hotel numerous times, in fact we were there soon after it opened. i remember the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night (they were still getting the kinks out, i think) and we all trudged down the long hallway in our pajamas, the kids kept asking, "is this a real fire??". i remember the time harry potter came out. we went out at midnight to get 3 copies at the local anaheim ralphs for the girls to read. they hung out in that gorgeous, huge lobby, sprawled out on separate, beast size sofas reading till like 4am till the security guards kicked them back to the room. we have the valet parking routine down, and the buffet at storytellers is just what we do every time we go now...of course, to justify the valet park job. one summer we stayed and hung out by the huge pool for a few days. relaxed on sumptuous lounge chairs amongst amazing landscaping. the kids snacked on mickey mouse ice cream bars and mouse shaped chicken nuggets. where else can you get all of that? what fun memories.

when emma came home this last week, the first thing she wanted to do was visit the magic kingdom. this year, we are into it for some reason. maybe it's the escape we are seeking. if that's the case, i am ok with that...i will say, i hate it when it's crowded!! nothing better than a magic kingdom with few human beings.

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gr8apey said...

I would have gone with you in a heart beat! My kids are asking and I just dread the crowds! Nothing like being there when no one else is...makes it harder to go when its crowded!