Saturday, March 14, 2009

broccoli boycott

well, in an effort to keep the dogs healthy, i have been driving long distances to a special dog food store to purchase really expensive special dog food for them, free of any grains, unhealthy additives and full of high end protein. fyi-dogs aren't supposed to have grains. they are carnivores. duhh. have you ever seen some random coyote chewing on a corncob? in addition to all of the healthy, high priced food i am giving them (i have a prolific money tree growing in my back yard designated with a little sign on it, "for dogs") i gave toby some left over steamed broccoli, thinking it would be good for him. vegetables, you know, good idea, right? not. he is a farting machine now, who reeks of stagnant, rotting broccoli. as if his previous gas problem wasn't bad enough. uggh.


emma johnson said...

im not coming home if tobys problem does not go away.

Northam Clan said...

love it! Payton wrote you a card it should be there next week. Thanks again. love ya. Chelsea and crew.

gr8apey said...