Friday, July 8, 2011

whos in the doghouse?

so let me explain.
my old friend diana has this little house.
out in the middle of nowhere.
nearest town...yermo...or barstow. 
take your pick.
i know, sounds dismal, huh?
but this little house
also known as the doghouse
is by a little clear lake.
and diana has this boat.
a fast boat.
with lots of cool stuff on it.
i got back on a waterski.
and laura and lori went on the tube.
and we talked till like 1 in the morning.
and we ate lots of good food.
and we reminisced
about good times.
and we slumbered in bunk beds.
and we wore pajamas till noon.
and we connected.
and it was good.
no, it was great.
and i went home knowing i was loved
and cared about.
and that i have great women in my life
who are real friends.
true friends.
the kind i like to keep.
even after 10 or so years.
so thank you, wonderful women in my life.
for loving me.
because i love you.


Buffy said...

Sounds like a blast! There is nothing like old friends.

In The Doghouse said...

So much fun! Glad to have you my darling friend. A new tradition has been be continued. xoxox

jmelmac said...

SOOO FUN! And what incredible friends for life YOU have..& where's this waterski video of you?? So happy that you had a great time..YOU deserve it a zillion times over. Love you always, your sista Melissa