Saturday, July 23, 2011

late as always

i am sometimes late for things.
i am usually not late for church, 
or important social functions.
i think its a form of disrespect when you are late.
kind of a pet peeve for me.
that being said, i am late to send birthday cards, 
and birthday cards even.
famous for it.
not proud of it either.
but it is what it is.
i want to wish my sister a late happy birthday.
her birthday was two days ago.
now remember, when i am late, it doesnt mean i dont care.
it simply means i am late.
to everyone else in the world, it means they are 
dont have enough time in the day.
thinking of something else.
but that does NOT apply to me.
of course.
a very true story.

so i want to make a couple of comparisons about my tardiness.
and point out the fact that my sister and i are complete 
we were born from the exact same gene pool.
(so fascinating when you think about it)
but we are big time opposites.
big time.

she is always on time. 
the gifts and the cards 
come on the exact date they are supposed to.
and they come wrapped impeccably.
every detail attended to.
i on the other hand, am late.
and sometimes when a gift does arrive from me,
it is haphazardly thrown in a box.
and not a pretty box, 
it will be an empty eggo waffle box from costco.
stuffed with tissue paper i can find in the garage.

she is prepared.
when she comes to visit...
(and that has been a lot lately because i am a basket case).
she comes with her car loaded with everything.
everything anyone would EVER need.
she brings good food too.
my kids anxiously gather around while she unloads her stuff in the kitchen.
and all of this is beautifully packed in perfect containers
 and bright color coordinated bags.
i on the other hand.
usually travel very light.
and i bring no food.
i can buy what i need at 7-eleven.
i throw things in at the last minute and forget essentials.
like deodorant, or face wash.
i have one bag.
a plain black leather duffel.
melissa has 20.
one of them, a bright red wheelie one.
(the one toby peed on...and she didnt even get mad).
her bags are packed with finesse.
my stuff is tossed in, hoping i will find an iron at some point.
then even when i do, 
i convince myself the wrinkled look is "in".

she is organized.
her home is a work of art.
everything in its place.
and i mean EVERYTHING.
were talking model home organized.
my home is scattered, and chaotic.
good chaotic, but nevertheless chaotic.
i am sure when she steps foot in my home, 
she secretly wants to burn it down.
her "lets get it done" attitude has saved my life many times.
she even rescued me (quite literally)
by carefully packing my whole house for a move.
(ok, the boxes were packed perfectly...not one thing broke)
bet you are jealous of that, huh?

she is clean.
she is a clean freak.
and i say that in a positive way.
again, she probably walks in my house and sighs with disgust.
now, my house is not that dirty...its just not eat off the floor clean.
see, i have 2 dogs.
who live in my home like they were humans.
one of them is quite large.
and part human, i am sure of it.
they own the place.
therefore, there is dog everywhere.
granted, they dont relieve themselves in the house
(well, at least i dont think so...except when toby peed on melissas suitcase)
or slobber everywhere.
but they are part of the family.
and they stink.
so when melissa gets here, she has a kitchen rag in hand.
and a bottle of cleaner in the other.
i think im going to buy her one of those tool belt things, 
so when she comes, she can just wear that all the time.
her cleaning supplies on her hip.
yeah, thats a good idea.

she loves color.
i on the other hand, do not.
she is always decked out in brightly colored clothing
(which she looks great in, by the way)
and color coordinated jewelry.
(i wear black and only black).
her home is decorated in rich jewel tones,
every wall covered in some great piece of art or
beautifully framed family portrait.
my home is brown.
well, lets call it a lovely shade of taupe.
or mink if you want to get fancy.
and my furniture matches the foliage out the window.
all of that planned, of course.
nothing too bright for me.
not even a flower outside with pigment.
white is good.
monochromatic is my middle name.
and plain, unadorned walls are my last.

she is thoughtful.
melissa is the kindest soul i know.
the most giving and loving person in the world.
the most loyal person in the world.
i could think of a hundred other wonderful words to describe her.
but words do not suffice.
she is always thinking of others.
and leaving herself last.
puts others wants and needs before hers.
then takes a backseat.
she is sincere.
and so very sweet.
now, id like to think i am all these things too.
but i fall short.
in comparison to her.
granted, we are sisters, 
so i would like to equate myself with her.
but i cannot.
i simply do not measure up.
but in a way thats ok...
because i know she will be there to pick me up.

so i want thank her for 
every kind deed,
every dollar spent,
every expression of love,
every word of support, 
every drop of sweat,
every sad moment experienced and
every tear shes cried for me.

because all of these wonderful things 
i have quietly taken into my heart.
and i am better for it.
and i thank my Heavenly Father
for giving me a sister like her.


jmelmac said...

And I thank my Heavenly Father each & every day for giving me YOU as my sister..can't ever imagine life without you. Every one of these tributes that you have written can be said about you my sweet sister! Your perseverence(sp?), tenacity, unconditional love, reverence for life, always looking for the best in people, love for your Heavenly Father, ENDURANCE, and last but not least, your beauty inside & out, plus a million other things, MAKE IT EASY TO LOVE YOU. Here's to the eternities of creating lots more incredible memories together as sisters..I love you forever, Melissa

Claudine said...

beautiful post... its good to know I'm not the only disorganized, 'late' person out there. Sometimes I think I am...