Friday, July 22, 2011

more polo

 i enjoy polo days. 
when my tasks are 
centered around getting hunter 
to either a practice or a game.
i think i know the location of every
high school in orange county.
i am cherishing every moment.
spent in the car, my boy by my side.
 they will be gone soon.
2 years will go by in a flash.
i can feel it.
its flying by.

and the blue whale is back.
4 goals in one quarter.


Buffy said...

He is so cute! Enjoy those moments:). Time does fly. My youngest is starting kindergarten and I can't believe it.

jmelmac said...

He is your blue whale boy forever Shawna! In these pics Hunter looks just like you..just a boy version! What a blessing he is in your life..enjoy each moment you share..I promise you will never ever forget these wonderful times! Love you always, Melissa

Joan said...

Love those pictures. Enjoy the season. =)