Saturday, June 25, 2011

momentous occasions

i have not blogged in ages.
not really felt it lately.
not sure why.
or how to fix it.
but i will force myself today.
because lots of wonderful things have happened lately.
and i need to document them all.
so some future great great grandchild will see.
how blessed i am.
and how grateful i am.
for the beautiful life i call mine.

dane was in his 4th grade play.
i think i need to teach him how to hold a violin, though.
i was sweatin bullets thinking he was going to drop it.

we received more shots from edens senior portraits.
in a word...gorgeous.
that girl has some eyes on her, huh?

brendan and hunter tried on danes clothes.
and they fit.

we made friends with claudines beautiful dog bailey.
she is some sort of rare breed.
and weighs more than toby.
gotta love a girl who weighs more than her boyfriend...well, we are working on that match.
we get to babysit her in august (cant wait) while claudine goes to england for two weeks.
three dogs in the house (two of them rather large).
seriously will be so much fun.

eden graduated.
pretty self explanatory.
these pictures tell the wonderful, happy story.
so proud of her in that white robe...

then the motherlode of surprises...
a birthday party for me, and i HATE surprises.
(i had a bad experience with a previous surprise birthday party...we wont talk about it)
but this one was ok.
way ok.
totally ok.
did i say it was ok?

thank you to melissa again...and again.
for pulling this off without me knowing.
with such grace and finesse
thoughtfulness and sacrifice.
cant ever repay you for everything you do for me.
words cannot say enough.
love you big sister.

and to all my friends. 
 i love every single one of them.
very much.
very very much.
thank you from the bottom of my heart.

and i think i have eaten enough cake for a year.
not gonna lie was glorious.


jmelmac said...

You did it again..I'm back here in "my room" shedding some tears..HAPPY tears for sure! I'm so grateful that I was able to be here for Eden's graduation & pull off your surprise bday party..I definitely had LOTS of help! So happy that YOU are happy..I love you so much! What wonderful memories we've created..memories that can never be taken away. Thank you for all that you do Shawna..for your tremendous example to all of us, for being an incredible Mom, sister, aunt, daughter, granddaughter & true friend. And like I've said before, that's really what this life is all about..being there & loving each other unconditionally. YOU are the BEST Shawna...I love you for the eternities..we're going to have a LOT of fun!! Your sister forever, Melissa

Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

Happy Birthday!!! Such great pictures of your awesome kids! You are amazing. :)

Buffy said...

What a fun month! The pictures are great and what a great sister & friends you have to throw you a surprise party! I'm glad you had a great time.

Joan said...

Happy birthday. =)

You grow beautiful girls and strapping young men!