Tuesday, May 10, 2011


is my mothers birthday.
i am going to write about her on another post.
when i have the composure to think deeply about what im going to say.
that time is not now.
so im going to honor her in a very small way...
by posting a few comments from her youngest grandchild.
my son.

i am not sure how to take the showering coupon...
he must know i love a hot shower.
because i am pretty sure i bathe every day.

happy mothers day.


jmelmac said...

Gotta LOVE that Dane..& Mom would love these gift notes! My favorite is lunch in bed..don't think I've ever even thought of that. Thank you Dane for your sweet spirit & kind heart..& a mother who has taught you well. Love all of you! Melissa

snowillard said...

He had a guarantee that you would use it.